Sunday, February 7, 2016

Podcast: Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis reads some poems and discusses his life-long passion for writing. There are responses to Des Mannay's poetry prompt and Mark invites you to write poems on balance. Share your responses in the comments below or email

Monday, February 1, 2016

Immersion - Always the sea

Guitar driven minimalist techno from Malka Spigel of Minimal Compact and Wire’s Colin Newman who have been collaborating on and off as Immersion for the last 25 years. This track comes off their first release since 1999 Analogue Creatures. You can read my review of the release on Drunken Werewolf.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Podcast: Des Mannay

On this episode Newport poet Des Mannay looks back on an amazing year in which he has been placed in three competitions and had poems in numerous publications. He shares some of his poetry and offers tips on boosting your chances of success in competitions.
He challenges listeners to write a poem about your final message when you have three minutes left to live and offers a couple of pieces of work for inspiration: And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan Thomas and Galliano - 57th minute of the 23rd hour. Share your responses in the comments or to
You can hear poems by myself and Des in response to John Eliot's baby's shoes prompt from the last podcast and a poem by Clive Oseman.
You can read more of Des's poems via the following links: 

I Am Not A Silent Poet - 
Proletarian Poetry - The 'Rethinkyourmind' shop - 
The 2015 Creative Future Literary Awards Anthology - 
Disability Arts Cymru Poetry Competition Free Download Anthology -

Music by Suhov and Zyxz 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Poem: The Remote Console by Des Mannay

 The next guest on the podcast will be Newport poet Des Mannay. Des only started taking his poetry seriously a year ago but he's not the only one having had a succession of published and prize-winning poems since then. There is anger, humour and affection in his work which often highlights social injustice and looks to a fairer, better world. It is not hard to see why his poems have struck a chord with so many.

The Remote Console

Sometimes I look at you
And think -
Just dreaming really....
Then I listen
And start to sink
When you pour out your troubles
I want to drink your heart
But that's kept away
With the silver wear
And crockery
For special occasions
And special people
Not me....
I'm the invisible man
In your estimation
But I'm real
And I'm here
And I care
When things are fine
You run straight past me
To greet a lover
But when things fall apart
And there is no other
You can find me
Tired and alone...
The remote console

Des Mannay

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Podcast: John Eliot

John Eliot talks about poetry's power to tell stories and connect with people if they let it in. He shares some of his favourite lines of TS Eliot and Seamus Heaney and reads some of his own work. He sets listeners a challenge to write a poem about a pair of baby's shoes like the one's from Ernest Hemingway's six-word story and there are a couple of responses to Christina Thatcher's call for mundane poems which are anything but.
To share your poems email

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fufanu – Your Collection

This dark and electrifying piece of grunge rock from Icelandic duo Fufanu is a relatively bright spot on their nightmarish debut album Few More Days To Go. Blistering guitars collide with haunting synths and enigmatic vocals on this rousing number with accompanying fractured and disorientating video. Read the full album review on Drunken Werewolf.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Soldiers of Fortune – Campus Swagger (feat. Stephen Malkmus)

Soldiers of Fortune are not so much a band as an occasional jam session featuring members of Oneida, Chavez, and Interpol with other indie stars dropping by. Stephen Malkmus is among those appearing on Early Risers, the follow-up to 2010 album Ball Strenth.
Like much of the album Campus Swagger is tight, upbeat and rough around the edges. The Pavement front man's deadpan style gets an energy kick as he whoops and rants his way through this raucous session of spur-of-the-moment rock n roll.